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About Us

Like every entrepreneurial success story, the story of WMG begins the same - with an idea and undeterred perseverance. It was 1946 and the automotive boom had fully engulfed the Windsor area. Ted Peltier saw an opportunity and seized it. He opened up his own machine shop called Windsor Machine & Stamping. The shop would focus on tool making, repairing and stamping.

While the beginnings of the company were humble, Ted found success through his ability to conform to the needs of the market he operated in. WMG’s reputation for adaptability becomes apparent even in the early years of its existence. Only a few years after opening its doors, the company begins focusing its production on threading & cold heading. Its main commodity was threaded bolts and before soon, Windsor Machine & Stamping becomes known as a threading specialist in the local area.

Growth for Windsor Machine & Stamping was slow but steady. By 1964 the company had reached 40 employees. That year the company relocates to a larger facility on Caron Ave, as the company now finds success in wire products. At the forefront of its production are transmission linkages, hood prop rods, accelerator pedals, and exhaust suspension systems for customers such as Buick, GM, Ford as well as Bombardier, Easy-Go Golf Carts, and American Motor.

Ted’s son Lionel also becomes involved with the company at a young age assisting his father with day to day tasks. Being a family owned company, WMG relied on the personal relationship built with its customers as well as its suppliers to making the company successful. This became a core value of the company.

In 1972 Ted passes the company on to his son. Inspired by his father’s dedication to the company, Lionel is motivated to keep the company growing. He sets his goals on making Windsor Machine & Stamping a multinational company. Ten years later he delivers on his promise as he opens up a new facility in Romulus, Michigan, US. That marks the beginning of Windsor Machine’s journey to becoming a global player.

In the mid 80’s Windsor Machine Group takes on a job bending tube blanks. Though unaware of it at the time, that small job would once again shift WMG’s main production commodity; that small job would end up making WMG one of the main headrest suppliers in the automotive industry.

Lateral growth as well as vertical integration were at the core of that success. While starting with a simple armature which served as a basic framework for the headrest, WMG’s engineering department began evolving that design. Going from a manual up-down movement to a fore-aft ratchet system, WMG’s advanced product design team have engineered a product that does that and more at the simple touch of a button.

At the same time, Windsor Machine Group began expanding its operations by bringing more of the stages of production in-house. The company has undergone backward integration by producing its own plastic headrest components as well as forward integration by taking on foaming and the cutting and sewing of its own trim covers. This has enabled WMG to have more control over the quality of its product at every stage of the production process.

Lionel remained dedicated to growing the company internationally. In 2005 Princeton, Indiana becomes the second facility located in the US. That expansion was followed by Saltillo, Mexico. When CEO Greg Peltier and COO Chris Peltier took over the company in 2013, they understood their father’s mission and vision for the company and they’ve committed to carrying them forward.

While WMG is expanding its global footprint employing 2500 people in 3 countries, it remains committed to the level of personal customer service that only a family owned company can offer. As that growth is expected to continue in the years to come, the quality of its products and the personal relationship it builds with its customers will remain a constant.