Job Details
  • Job Code : Plant Manager
  • Job Title : Plant Manager
  • Description :
    • Establish the overall vision and direction for the implementation of plant administration.
    • Develop and implement new business strategies for creating or improving processes and procedures to improve corporate performance.
    • Monitor departmental performance against goals to ensure that progress is being made, and that corrective action is taken if necessary.
    • Meet regularly with department heads/business unit leaders; facilitate resolution of issues/problems between business units and/or departments.
    • Responsible for appropriate staff levels to meet requirements of the facility.
    • Ensures competent supervision under the OSHA is appointed to direct the workforce.
    • Manage the morale in the facility by setting and demonstrating a strong business ethic for dealing with employees, suppliers, and customers.
    • Enhance and develop policies, procedures and service systems to meet the goals of the facility.
    • Review and approve plans for the control of planned output, budget spending, material efficiency, engineering effectiveness, and human resources.
    • Monitor financial performance to ensure the facility is meeting or exceeding budgetary commitment.
    • Analyze and report on the plant’s daily, monthly and annual key performance indicators and industry trends.
    • Analyze the customer’s concern and present options to solve their issue.
    • Ensure all equipment and buildings owned or operated by the company comply with safety and fire regulations and any other Provincial or Federal regulations.
    • Maintains safe and clean work environment by educating and directing personnel on the use of all control points, equipment, and resources; maintaining compliance with the OSHA and the responsibilities as defined under Sections (25 & 26) of the OSHA and established company policies and procedures
    • Ensures the JHSC is functioning and meeting regularly.
    • Reviews monthly inspections and participates/conducts quarterly plant inspections
    • Review and use the monthly profit and loss statements to ensure expense control and proactively plan production goals.
    • Examine reports (e.?g.? inventory, production and daily reports) to determine the operational activities of the company and ensure optimum performance.?
    • Ensure that all reporting employees adhere to company policies and procedures.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

    Position Summary

    The Plant Manager is responsible for the strategic direction, leadership and overall administration of plant operations.  He or she will oversee staffing, production and effectively and efficiently oversee the development and direction of the management team to drive the growth of production, revenue and the quality of goods produced in the facility.  The Plant Manager is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with suppliers, vendors, department managers and ensuring the integration of strategic plans within the plant facilities. 




  • Location : Amherstburg Ontario Canada
  • City : McGregor
  • Province : Ontario
  • Deadline : 2022-01-21