Job Details
  • Job Code : Systems Architect
  • Job Title : Systems Architect
  • Description :

    The Windsor Machine Group (WMG) is urgently looking to hire a Systems Architect.

    The Systems Architect is responsible to design, configure, operate, and maintain all WMG hardware and software company wide.  You will also be responsible to select, procure, and configure new hardware and software through its complete extended lifespan.   The Systems Architect is also responsible to handle all IT purchases, and other purchases as required through the organization, and includes providing billing and report information to Finance.

    You will be the Subject Matter Expert on all facets of the IT environment.

    The position also requires strong Help Desk skills as you will serve as an initial contact for end users.

    You will require strong troubleshooting skills, as you will be the last contact for many other departments on equipment you will not be familiar with.

    WMG is unable to provide on-the-job training, so you will be expected to know your subject matter already, and teach yourself any new technologies.


               Skill sets required:

                Linux (primarily Debian distribution) – expert level. (REQUIRED, 5+ years)

                Windows desktop support – expert level.  (REQUIRED, 5+ years)

                Windows server  - expert level.  (REQUIRED, 5+ years)

                Network configuration, wiring, and maintenance – expert level.  (REQUIRED, 5+                  years)

                DNS/DHCP/Proxy/RADIUS setup configuration – expert level (REQUIRED, 3+                    years)

                VPN setup and configuration (IPSec/OpenVPN/Wireguard) – expert level.                            (REQUIRED)

                VMware administration – expert level (REQUIRED, 3+ years)

                Docker – intermediate level (REQUIRED)

                Diagnosing and repairing hardware and software failures – expert (REQUIRED)

                Web server setup and administration – intermediate (REQUIRED, 3+ years)

                Web page design and administration – introductory (REQUIRED)

                Centralized patch management, software update (REQUIRED)

                Network cabling installation, fiber and ethernet – intermediate (REQUIRED)

                Database management and migration – intermediate (REQUIRED)

                Email server setup and configuration – expert (REQUIRED)

                WiFi setup and maintenance, both hardware and software - (REQUIRED)

                Cell phone setup and configuration, iPhone and Android – intermediate

                Backup server setup and maintenance, including end user backups.

                Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and Postgress dba – intermediate (REQUIRED)

                PTC Windchill user and server administration – intermediate

                Malware and Ransomware prevention and removal(AV, etc)– expert (REQUIRED)



                Other common duties:

                Security rights management, such as granting user access to resources.

                Setup workstations, move printers, refill toner and ink cartridges, load paper in                    printers.

                Perform user profile moves.

                Perform financial documentation for billing hardware and software to the facilities.

                First level help desk duties such as assistance to users with computer usage and                software usage.

                Facilities and building maintenance.

                Provide assistance to all levels of IT.

                Install and configure physical security controls, such as badge access, mag pulls,                etc.

                Manage all software licensing enterprise wide through complete lifecycle.




                English (REQUIRED)

                Useful, as you will be working nearly daily with these:

                            Spanish, German, Slovak, Chinese


  • Location : Windsor Ontario Canada
  • City : Windsor
  • Province : Ontario
  • Deadline : 2022-02-25