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  • Job Code : 018
  • Job Title : Machine Operator
  • Description :

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    Position Summary

    The Machine operator is responsible for the overall hourly, daily, and weekly quality and quantity of parts produced in their assigned area(s). The Machine Operator will also complete all required reports, forms, and other written documentation as may be directed. Operators will perform the duties of the jobs they are assigned to and may be moved to other jobs at the discretion of Management. Operators will document and remove all scrap and non-conforming material (along with dirty gloves and other items) prior to leaving for the day. Machine Operators are to stay busy throughout their shift in a productive and safe manner.

    Core Competencies

    • Attend specific training for position.
    • Be proficient in the safe operation of current job/equipment.
    • Able to assist with the training of new operators (OJT).
    • Ability to communicate respectfully both written and orally.
    • Can read and understand part numbers and descriptions.
    • Knowledge of all Quality aspects as they pertain to the line/area.
    • Able to follow directions in a fast paced environment.
    • Ability to work well with others.
    • Be flexible with job assignments and schedules as they may change often.

    Job Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Verify that the parts being produced are to customer requirements by visual inspection, gauging, and other types of verification as may be deemed required.
    • Document all work completed, amount of down time, issues, and an accurate production counts on production sheets. Ensure beginning and ending counter numbers are recorded.
    • Notify quality of any non-conforming material.
    • Complete all necessary paperwork.
    • Efficiently operate all machines in the plant and producing quality parts along with meeting production requirements based on training completed, operation standards, and production efficiencies.
    • Follow and comply with all safety, MIOSHA, and environmental rules and policies.
    • Recording all scrap and ensuring of its proper disposal.
    • Maintain a clean and organized work area.
    • Update, maintain, and keep current any work area books and forms.
    • Stand for up to eight (8) hours per shift. Do not leave work area without authorization.
    • Repetitive bending and lifting of up to fifty (50) pounds throughout shift.
    • Must wear all required PPE.
  • Location : Taylor Michigan USA
  • City :
  • Province :
  • Deadline : 2020-02-29