Our CSR Vision

Corporate Social Responsibility means ensuring that Windsor Machine Group and its supply chain are ethical employers, that we conduct our business avoiding negative influences such as bribery, corruption, and collusion.

WMG is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and improving the livelihood of those in the communities in which we live and operate in. Globally, we will achieve this by incorporating sustainable practices that will protect the environment, support human rights, and oppose corruption.

Environmental, social, and economic responsibility is an expectation of all suppliers of WMG and as such all suppliers are to conduct their business in a safe and sustainable manner that is compliant with regional laws and regulations.

With a focus on environmental, occupational health and safety, human rights and fair labor practices, WMG will cascade this belief as well to our suppliers.

WMG will not conduct business with any group, organization, or individual that knowingly conducts unlawful practices. 

WMG has also developed its programs to ensure alignment with the UN Global Compact Principles.


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