Sustainable Procurement

          Windsor Machine Group processes the application of the Code of Conduct on a thorough, cooperative and continuous improvement approach with our suppliers.We release supplier self-assessment questionnaires and follow up with suppliers on the completing status. We ensure that suppliers will review the whole questionnaires and fill out accordingly with truthful and correct information. We audit the feedback from the suppliers by checking if they have an internal CSR program and get the pieces of evidence if applicable.We conduct an ongoing improvement program by finding out the existing problems and weaknesses and correct them.

          Windsor Machine Group conducts a survey of our suppliers to ascertain their use of any Conflict Minerals in the products they supply to us. Consequently, Windsor Machine Group can, in turn, presents that our products either do not contain Conflict Minerals or to the extent they may, such products are “DRC conflict-free” as defined by paragraph (e)(4) of Section 1502.

          At Windsor Machine Group, we expect all our suppliers to not use Conflict Minerals in the products they supply to us. Also, Windsor Machine Group should avoid using any suppliers that use Conflict Minerals for new/potential programs.


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