Environmental Health and Safety


Environmental Health and Safety Policy


            Windsor Machine Group is committed to a culture of environmental health and safety which purposefully prevents pollution, implements the Internal Responsibility System, and practices Prevention through Design for our, and our global communities’ future. With support at all levels of our corporation, it is our goal not only to prevent injury, illness, damage, and loss, but to ensure a sustainable footprint through establishing objectives and driving continuous improvement for our environmental aspects, employees, suppliers, customers, and community.

            Globally, WMG shall adhere to all local legal requirements as well as maintain a constant awareness of sustainable and economical best practices corporate and international. Our management teams will provide employees with communication and training relevant to EHS standards, regulations, and workplace specific requirements.

            WMG is committed to evaluating and maintaining a strong, knowledgeable, and diligent workforce.  The company has implemented, and when necessary, will continue to implement new policies and procedures to strengthen our ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 integrated EHS Management System. Changes in best practices or local legislation will result in the revision of these procedures so that WMG’s vision stays modern.

            At WMG we have identified our Significant Environmental Aspects and will ensure each facility globally has put in place controls with third party certified support where applicable to adhere to the EHSMS.

            At WMG the employer and supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that environmentally safe and healthy work conditions are maintained, and employees follow EHS standard work practices.

            WMG’s change control and procurement EHS processes shall consider what is reasonable in conjunction with the Hierarchy of Controls for our employees and the environment in achieving the expectations of this policy.

            WMG wishes to stress that employees in our workplaces at all levels and functions must accept their importance in achieving the objectives of the EHS Management System.

            With the support of all staff, Windsor Machine Group strives to be an EHS leader. I trust that we will all join in making a personal commitment to proactive prevention as a way of life in our workplace and community.  The success of our EHS Management System depends on the sincere, constant, and cooperative effort of all employees and their active participation and support.



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